KKOT Lip Balm Review

I’m a sucker for cute things. Buying anything cute is a guilty pleasure of mine so when I get my hands on something adorable plus it works, I’m sold.

I have been seeing transparent lip balms all over social media but really didn’t know where to get them. I think the lip fairies heard me cause a few days ago, Beauty N Seoul, an online shop in Instagram reached out to me and sent me one to review!



Say hello to the KKOT tinted lip balm! I honestly haven’t heard of this brand but knowing that it’s from Korea somehow made my doubts go away. I love Korean makeup, especially their skin care products!

Now let’s talk about what I think about this famous lip balm.



The packaging is pretty straight-forward as it’s clear and made out of plastic. I like how they look coordinated because everything is transparent! I think they made it this way to highlight the star of the show which is the dried flower inside. Yep, there’s a flower inside the lip balm!!! Soooooo cool. I think this is the first lip product that I have seen with a real flower inside so plus points for that! Plus, don’t you think that if Belle in Beauty and the Beast had a lip balm, this would be exactly it?


According to the box that my lip balm came with, this product is said to be a nutrient-filled lip balm which contains squalene, jojoba oil, sweet almond oil, and tocopherol. I have done some digging and the Korean brand KKOT Essence Lip Tint Balm claims to use Japanese formulation for the products. It smells and tastes like the strawberry-flavored Lipps candy too (super yum! Not that you can eat your lip balms lol)!

IMG_7736.JPGThis is me with bare lips. My main concern with my lips is that they’re pretty dry and super pale so aside from K-Palette’s 2-way eyebrow pens, lip balms and lip tints are my go-to makeup products!

IMG_7734.JPGTa-da!!! After applying the lip balm, my lips instantly felt moisturized and has a subtle tint to it which I looooove. I’m all up for anything that makes my dry and pale lips feel and look better!

One thing that I noticed is that the moisture doesn’t seem to last that long. Not really a red flag for me. Some people would even prefer that cause no one really wants their lips to look like they just had a plateful of lechon or anything oily for the rest of the day, right? 😛

With its cute packaging, moisturizing properties and subtle tint; I’m pretty sure this lip balm wouldn’t leave my bag starting today!



Beauty n Seoul (@beautynstyleinseoul)




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