Aero Tavern: Come and Taste the World!

I was lucky enough to be invited to visit Aero Tavern, a new restaurant in Clark. I was very giddy to dine (and drink!) as I only know a few good diners in Pampanga.



Aero Tavern is located at the 2nd floor. You couldn’t easily see it at first unless you ask some of the guards in the area which is actually a plus point for me because I like places that are tucked in secret. 😉 As my good friends and I came up, I was honestly not expecting too much of it but boy, oh, boy.. I have never been so wrong. The moment I walked in, it felt like I was walking inside Pinterest. The interior design was so on point. Think: concrete walls, yellow lights hanging, fully-stocked bar with a variety of choices with wooden tables and chairs. At night, the interior has a warm, homey glow to it. It’s very understated and effortlessly classy, if you ask me.


Owners Jenikka and Vince

Aero Tavern has a nice ring to it, especially when you know that there is a super cute story behind it! Jenikka is currently a Cabin Crew in Qatar Airways and this beautiful woman loves seeing the world. Vince, on the other hand, was born and raised in Canada and just enjoys a good old chat over good food and drinks. They combined two of the things they love and made Aero Tavern happen. Their restaurant aims to serve a variety of good food from around the world in one location and put a fusion twist to it.

20374794_10213621194952970_5993217744022159363_n.jpgEach table has a different memento from the trips Jenikka and Vince have been to. How adorable is that??

We came in with full tummies so we decided to get some appetizers and a few drinks. They just recently opened last July 7 and I was amazed at how organized and clean their menus are!

20292702_10213621179792591_8978916445693682128_n.jpgThey even have menus on their iPad just in case you want a more interactive and techy experience. Kinda reminds me of our Japan trip actually!

Scroll down to see what we had! Please take note that everything is homemade which makes the taste soooo unique. You won’t taste anything like this, which is kind of amazing (and makes the drive to Clark so worth it!)


20264867_10213621190792866_7738697634080152923_n.jpgLechon Kawali Tacos (P270)

An order of these babies consists of corn tortillas, mango salsa, coleslaw and pork belly. I loved the coleslaw as it neutralizes the sweetness of the pork belly and mango salsa. Even the corn tortillas are made perfectly, so soft and tastes just right! I’ll let you in a little secret: I loved this dish so much that I had to take another order to-go. JM and I actually had a fight over the last piece when I came home. Lol.


20374389_10213621188512809_9111626979095970515_n.jpgSpam Musubi (P215)

This is marinated spam and sushi rice rolled in nori (seaweed paper). This is one of their bestsellers as well and is said to be a local favorite in Hawaii. Who would’ve thought wasabi would taste so good with spam?


20264684_10213621188952820_2970454187781568877_n.jpgPoutine (P245)

This dish is made with fresh-cut fries, gravy, mozzarella and bacon. It is a Quebecois dish popular across Canada so it’s no wonder why Vince just had to include this in their menu! Plus point? The dish is drizzled with gravy BUT they serve you some more gravy on the side just in case you want more because… why not? 😛

20429583_10213621191712889_7020654542691506228_n.jpgNachos (P300)

This crowd-favorite consists of fried corn tortilla chips, mozzarella, lettuce, tomato, onion, jalapeno with a serving of mango salsa. My favorite nachos are the ones from Silantro but this comes close! I love my cheese and I love how they put generous servings of it! You can opt to have additional pulled pork on top for P70. Not bad considering how generous they are with their serving. This dish is actually the first one we finished, it is SO GOOD with a bottle of beer!

20293065_10213621188912819_4560946139256071905_n.jpgFly High Cocktail (price to be updated). This is their own version of the classic mojito. I love that it’s not too strong and has just the right sweetness.

Now if you want something hard, get their Top Gun Shot (price to be updated). I felt my face burning right after downing one! Too bad I wasn’t able to take a photo of it. I panicked when they lit a fire on my drink lol.

20292584_10213621192792916_5875306828279623391_n.jpgAir Dive Shot (price to be updated)

LOVE THIS. I don’t really enjoy taking shots as I’m more of a wine type of girl but I’ll make an exemption for this beauty! It’s made out of Bailey’s and lime cordial which compliments each other’s unique taste. Bailey’s is very creamy and nutty while the lime cordial has a citrus-y and refreshing taste. Jennika also taught us how to properly take this shot and maximize it’s one of a kind taste. You have to visit Aero Tavern to find out!

20374626_10213621193552935_4264551768486380839_n.jpgThat’s us enjoying our new-found favorite shot lol

20431610_10213621194232952_667356515014217021_n.jpgScreaming Orgasm (price to be updated). A bit strong but love how the end of the shot is sweet which makes it all up for the strong taste!

20292998_10213621194792966_3453368555716819796_n.jpgTuron a la Mode (P155)

So after all the drinking, we decided to end our night with a sweet treat. My shot did not do this yummy dessert any justice. I love my sweets and this goes straight to the top of my list! I have to ask Vince and Jenikka how they make this because it was a fiesta in my mouth. The texture of the banana and jackfruit melting with the crispiness of the wrap and the creaminess of the ice cream is just to die for. If you come by and don’t enjoy this, go ahead and sue me. Haha!

Overall, we had an amazing experience at Aero Tavern so whenever I’m in Clark, you know where you’ll find me! The place is great, the food and drinks are worth every peso and the service is just amazing. Kuya Will, you are the bomb!!!

Remember, good food and good company always does the trick! So whether you are missing food from your hometown, looking for a place to catch up with loved ones or want to try something new then this is definitely the place for you. The drive from Manila to Clark, Pampanga was never this worth it.

  • Aero Tavern
  • Jose Abad Santos Ave. and E. Quirino St.
    Clark Freeport, Angeles, Pampanga
  • Operating hours: Monday-Sunday, 11am – 1am

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All my love ♥

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