5 Things I Learned in Cebu

So this was supposed to be a “5 Things That Made Me Enjoy Cebu” blog but that would be such a cliché! Everyone knows the to-dos when in Cebu (btw, that’s exactly what we did: Kawasan canyoneering, Whale Shark watching in Oslob, swam in Sumilon Island, visited Magellan’s Cross, said a prayer at Basilica del Santo Niño, ate at Larsian, had some drinks at La Vie Parisienne, etc). So instead, I’m gonna write about the realizations I had while doing all the tourist-y things in Cebu! 😉

1. Putting down your phone does not equate to boredom.


JM and I got to Cebu City around 8pm and after having dinner at Zubuchon (Yes, we actually came to an agreement to try every lechon we could), we came across this pinterest-worthy coffee shop in Escario (Café Talk Library). We wanted to kill time so we got ourselves some coffee and played Scrabble. I think this was the only time that I wasn’t constantly checking my phone and wow, it’s been a while since JM and I laughed so hard at each other, like genuinely I-understood-what-you-said-I-did-not-just-nod-or-mumble-something-to-make-it-seem-like-I-was-listening. I know it’s super hard to just be in the moment especially at times when we are so obsessed with social media and the online world seems to be far more interesting than what’s in our faces but I highly suggest that once in a while we just live in the moment. Easier said than done but right now, JM and I practice our “time outs” where we just put our phones down and actually talk to each other. I think it’s a good practice!

2. If you can’t jump… swing.

I am quite sheltered (I’ve never hiked, gone up a mountain, went surfing or scuba diving, etc.), the cozy indoors was my comfort zone so when JM told me that we’re doing canyoneering in Cebu, I swear I spent all day researching about it. What to wear, how long will it take and most importantly…


True story.

Trekking was easy. I loved it. But jumping at such great heights was so hard for me! I can handle the heights but you know that feeling you get when you ride rollercoasters? That funny feeling in your tummy? Ugh. That, I can’t handle. JM was a natural. He jumped like the 35 ft. fall was nothing! I actually got so frustrated when I froze for an hour with legs that won’t budge. So a little tip guys, the more time you spend at the jumping point, the more chance that fear will conquer you. So just jump!

Or in my case, swing. Hahaha! I mean, realistically speaking, I guess in life you can’t always wing everything so in turn; you make adjustments, or find another way to get you a step closer in facing your fears.

And speaking of fears…

3. You can actually acquire “new fears”.


I used to ride rollercoasters, enjoy fast bus rides, be able to swim without overthinking what’s down under. Imagine the horror when I started feeling queasy about things like this! I was not able to do cliff jumping in Kawasan. On our way to Oslob, the roads were zigzagged and I swear I felt like we’re gonna fall over to the other end! I thought I’d be brave enough to enjoy watching the whale sharks but in my head, their size was too overwhelming and I know they’re gentle giants but no one can guarantee that they won’t do anything harmful! (People who have watched Blackfish will get me). On top of our various encounters with nature, I got the worst rashes which turned out to be irritant contact dermatitis aka hypersensitivity/allergic reaction to the wilderness so I have to be extra careful when going outdoors.

It’s still a mystery why I suddenly got so paranoid about things… or why I got so physically and mentally sensitive all of a sudden. That definitely goes to my “things-to-think-about” list.

4. Rico’s is the best lechon in Cebu. No one can argue with me on this.


But if for some reason, Rico’s balat ng lechon + CNT’s  lechon meat + Zubuchon’s spicy filling somehow magically happens, then we’ll talk. 😛

5. The Pyramid is a hidden gem.


I have read about this restaurant but a friend of mine made sure that we paid a visit. It looks so fancy but their food is actually wallet-friendly! Meals range from P200-P600 per person. The interior, food and service were so on point, we were like “how is it cheap in this place???” Every angle is instagram-worthy!

The Pyramid is located in Central Bloc, Cebu I.T. Park in Lahug and is open from 10 am – 3 am (Sunday-Thursday) and 10am – 4am (Friday-Saturday).

Okay, so I may not have been able to write about the “5 Things That Made Me Enjoy Cebu” but it made me realize what ultimately did… exploring new places with the love of my life (and him not getting tired of my whiny ass)!


PS: To make up for not sharing much about the things we did, JM made a little video of our Cebu trip! Enjoy!!!


All my love ♥

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