Here we go.

Oh wow.

I’m finally here!

After months of overthinking if I should go start blogging, I finally went ahead and did it! A short backstory: This actually isn’t my first rodeo if we count that time where Multiply was where I poured my heart out, posted cringe-worthy photos (I mean what was I thinking?), and tweaked my site with those audio players which automatically played my jam when you visit and who could ever forget those glittery banners?? (now that was pretty cool back then)! Anyway, aside from all that, I remember how I felt solace whenever I turn my desktop on, hear that beeping sound from our then dial-up internet connection and just… write. Or type.

So that brings us to this.

That 16 year-old girl is now 26, just got married and has a fresh pair of eyes. Not literally, although I am still praying for the day when I can finally get some Lasik eye surgery lol.

If you’re my friend or if we follow each other on social media, you might notice how I often have looooong captions on everything or I may seem to just have a lot to share! My lengthy Instagram captions and Facebook posts just don’t cut it for me anymore. I wanted to share more, to show more. You know that feeling when you have an itch at your back that you just can’t seem to scratch? That feeling actually led me to the idea of building my own platform where I can appropriately overshare. Haha! But then again, if you know me, I’m not one to just dive in so it was really a long process for me. It was months of battling with my brain. What if it’s just an itch that will eventually go away? What if no one reads what I have to say? What if I get judged for something that I wrote?. I fear judgments, criticisms, etc. and when I go online, I understand that I’m running to my fears, probably with flailing arms wide open. I had some pretty late nights and just a few nights ago, I finally made a deal with my nagging brain. I will write to my heart’s delight and not for anyone else. Don’t get me wrong. Blogging is all about sharing experiences and thoughts so that defeats the purpose of what I just said. What I mean is that by putting up this blog, I will try to not always please anyone by staying true to myself, to what I believe in and probably practice the art of IDGAF, as well (God knows how much I struggle with that lol). Win-win. Aside from that, I’m also thinking that this could be my little passion project where I can happily share things that I think would be of help or interest and at the same time, be that girl again who finds solace whenever she turns her laptop on, see that strong WiFi connection, and just… write. Or type.

So expect more posts from me! It may be a funny thing that happened, a special event, a life lesson that I just learned, a restaurant that I’m obsessed with, our recent travel escapade, my holy grail in skincare/makeup, or a precious discovery that I just made! Anything goes, really. And as The Corrs would sing, I promise that with every post, “I”ll give all the love in the world”!

My hugs and kisses to all those lovely people who gave me the nudge to do this. I actually went on Twitter and asked if I should go for it and I honestly did not expect that much people to take time to reply so thank you!

All my love! ♥

5 thoughts on “Here we go.

    1. Awwwww this warmed my heart ❤️ You don’t know how humbled I am when I get words like this especially from people who are so beautiful inside and out. Thank you, my love!


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